"What is mathematics? It is only a systematic effort of solving puzzles posed by nature."

-Shakuntala Devi



Algebra is well defined as the use of mathematical equations to model ideas. We model ideas in the form of mathematical equations to solve the problems around us.


Chapter List 


Vedic Maths & Mental Ability

List of topics 

1) Addition and Subtraction

2) Special Multiplication method

3) Square and Square roots

4) Cube and Cube Roots

5) Mental maths 



Topics covered 


1) Lines and Angles

2) Triangle

3) Congruence of triangles

4) Quadrilaterals



List of topic covered :- 

1) Perimeter of Geometrical Figures

2) Area of geometrical figures

3) Volume of Geometrical figures


Pre - Calculus



List of topics covered :- 

1) Introduction

2) Angles and Unit circles

3) Trigonometric functions

4) Trigonometric Values

5) Basic Trigonometric Identities