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What is more important skills or degrees ?

Well it is no brainer that everyone would believe that having desired skills is something which should be given preference over having many degrees but is it the real case ? maybe or maybe not.

Being in one such position where i need to guide students about their career options i always put emphasis on developing skills more than their GPAs. But at the same time I ask them a question that if not for my qualifications would they even bother for my opinion ?

We have lots of people cribbing about lot of things in education and how their degree is useless ( which actually is ) , but yet again isn't it that degree which helped them to have a great edge over others. As it act as a major filter for their road to success.

I see many people pondering about life lessons and giving lectures on being failure ( After IIT ,IIM or ex MNC experience ) , well I may be at fault here but aren't you pretty successful already ( according to socity norms ). I agree that the definition of success is totally vague and misunderstood and varies from people to people but not many will spend even a second on listening to the life lessons given by a vegetable vendor or a clerk , aren't they successful enough or haven't seen failures ?

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