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What is the difference between a teacher teaching in offline class and online lectures ?

In my understanding there is no difference from a teacher's perspective but when it comes to students there are many.

Well I can point out some critical differences which I have observed.

1) Most of the students do not ask anything even if they get doubt or don't get anything as most of the time they themselves don't know if they are getting the concepts or not. And any experienced teacher can know this by seeing the facial expressions of the kid. 2) Students tends to get distracted very easily especially in hour long live class or recorded lecture and they retain quite less information. 3) Not every student is so much motivated to solve problems infact they feel lazy even to think about the problem since thinking is intrinsically difficult for human brain.

There are many other issues that students and parents faced in the last one year. There won't be any school teacher who can confidently say that the students have done even half of what they could in offline class.

In my sense Education is a service based sector in which the role of a teacher is much more than just delivering the content. But with the influx of huge amount of money it is sold and marketed as a product. #education #socialimpact #teaching #teacher

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